Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum service requirement?
You will need to sign up to have one of your bins cleaned on a monthly basis for a minimum term of 12 months.

Why should I have my bin cleaned?
Bins can quickly become dirty, smelly and turn into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Most councils, including Luton District Council, operate on a two weekly collection cycle meaning disposed waste and rubbish spends up to 14 days festering in your bins breeding bacteria and creating unpleasant odours. Bins with waste often attract pests which bring additional germs and some of which are dangerous to human health. Just imagine the bacteria that breeds on the surface of your bins let alone inside!

Finally, your bin comes into contact with the waste collection vehicle every time it is emptied, exposing it to yet more germs, bacteria and dirt.

That is why waste bins have to be cleaned regularly.

Shouldn’t bin cleaning be the councils responsibility?
You would clean your house even if it belongs to council, or the car you drive  even if it is a company car. It is the same with your bin. It is provided as a place to store your waste outside of your home until it is collected by the council.
However if you have no time, or find the process too messy and unpleasant, WheeleClean can do the cleaning for you

Why wouldn’t I clean them myself?
If you have a water supply, a hose and cleaning equipment, you would probably think to yourself: ‘I’ll do this myself’. However It always comes down to time and convenience.

We have specialised pressure washing equipment and detergents to do the job properly and plenty of experience to make sure your bins are always left spotless.

Where is the service available?
Currently we operate in the Luton area only. However the Wheelie Clean service is expanding and we also carry out commercial wheelie bin cleaning into London and St Albans areas. Please contact us and we will let you know what can be done.

What type of bins do you clean?
We clean all types of wheelie bin, from landfill, recycling, garden, and even large commercial wheelie bins.

When and how often will my bin be cleaned?
We offer a 4 weekly contract taken on a 12 month subscription.
Also there is a one off option available where no contract is required.

We recommend that your bins should be cleaned every 4 weeks. This is especially important for bins containing food waste. This is the optimum cleaning cycle to maintain a fresh, safe and odourless bin.

If you have any special requirements, please get in contact as we will always try to accommodate your needs if we can.

How much does it cost?
Depending on the service you choose getting your wheelie bin cleaned all year-round can be very cost effective.

£3.99 for one bin clean on the 4 weeks rota (12 months contract)

£15.00 for one bin cleaned as a one off – for domestic/household bin

£20.00 for two bins cleaned as a one off – for domestic/household bin

£25.00 for three bins cleaned as a one off – for domestic/household bin

£50.00 for one bin clean as a one off – for commercial bin

Please Note: we can only clean one bin per visit but you can choose which bin we clean

Contact us to discuss terms and pricing for the commercial bin 12 month contract.

How do I register to get my bin cleaned?
Fill in the form on the Contact Us page on the web-site, or give us a call on 07000 353 353. Alternatively send us an email to

When and how do I pay?
We accept payment by debit/credit card as well as cash. The majority of our customers prefer to pay in advance for the whole year however we are quite flexible and can agree on a quarterly or monthly payment plan.

Do you do one-off bin cleans?
Yes, we do. The most efficient and economic service we can offer is based on a regular cleaning schedule however we know that there are cases where a one-off service would be more appropriate.
For instance, if you tenant moved out and left a full bin, WheeleClean will take care of it for you. We will take this bin away, empty it, clean, dry and deodorise it then bring it back to you the same day. The price for this is £25.00

Do I need to be home when you clean my bin?
No, you do not have to be in when your bin is cleaned. Just let us know where you will leave your bin e.g. at the kerbside, for the cleaning team. They will put it back in the same place, clean and smelling fresh!

Do I have to supply my own water?
No, we supply everything necessary to clean the bin. We carry our own water supply and detergents.

How do you clean bins?
Our cleaning team will arrive in a van with all necessary equipment, water and detergents. We will clean it, rinse, wash with a substance with deodorising properties and dry out.

Does your cleaning service pollute the local environment?
Absolutely not. All debris from the bin and generated waste water during cleaning will be contained in tanks on the cleaning vehicles. These tanks are only emptied at specific licensed points approved by local authorities and water companies under Environment Agency rules.

Will the clean remove all substances from my bin?
Yes, it will. However please be aware that there are some rare occasions where the waste is not of the usual household type or has been disposed of in certain way that it has damaged the bin. Substances such as paint, glue, tar, burn residue cannot be removed using our system.

If you have any other questions relating to our services that we have not covered above, or you need more information, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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